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At DP Controls, we like it simple. Choose from custom maintenance contracts to retrofitting services, all designed with your budget in mind. Our experts keep your HVAC and automation processes running smoothly, saving you time and money. And when it’s time for an upgrade, our retrofit services make it easy and efficient. With us, you’re choosing straightforward, unfussy solutions that work.


At DP Controls, we present a range of tailor-made maintenance programmes, each meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of individual facilities. These are curated to mitigate risk, minimise operational expenses and prevent unforeseen downtime. Our maintenance services are conducted by highly trained technicians with specialised expertise in diverse equipment types, keeping HVAC controls and process automation equipment performing at peak levels. Their skills contribute to establishing safer environments within your facility, positively impacting people and operations.


Upgrade your existing facilities with DP Controls’ Retrofit services. We handle everything – from assessing technical needs to executing the project plan. Count on us for a cohesive solution, ensuring your building or facility’s goals are met with energy-efficient and cost-effective strategies, all under a single point of accountability.


Feel free to request service or allow us to assist you in offering a tailor-made solution.