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As a specialist in providing premium quality HVAC and certified Process Automation products, joining forces with DP Controls as a partner equips you with detailed training and solid technical support. This collaboration fosters substantial business growth and secures mutual benefits. Access cutting-edge products and solutions, ensuring your business remains at the leading edge of innovation.
If you are set on achieving ambitious goals, DP Controls is the ally you need to transform those objectives into concrete success. Discover the straightforward path to market leadership and consistent success with us.

List of Partners


  • Domain knowledge

    DP Controls delivers diverse products, including Temperature Controllers, Valves, Actuators, and Sensors. Our intelligent solutions meet the burgeoning demand for advanced technology, ensuring comfort, safety, and sustainability for all types of buildings.
  • Dedicated Expert Team

    Our skilled team at DP Controls is committed to understanding and meeting your specific needs. We ensure efficient, smooth project execution with expert guidance at every step, offering a seamless and beneficial partnership for you.
  • Exceptional Service Support

    End-to-end support at DP Controls spans the entire project lifecycle. We take the time to understand your project needs down to the last detail and provide personalised design and execution, ensuring your objectives are precisely met.
  • Propel Your Business Forward

    Our expansive sales network ensures broad market penetration, introducing your products to a larger audience. With a focus on targeted marketing strategies, we amplify the visibility of your products in local markets. Partnering with us offers an avenue for sustained and mutual growth.


Explore opportunities for growth and success with us.